20 Things Only Us Vapers Will Understand

20 Things Only Us Vapers Will Understand

We absolutely love this list we just had to share it! 

1. When you get home and your vapemail hasn’t arrived yet.



2. Burning your carto.

giphy (1)

3. When people ask to share your vape.

giphy (2)

4. Seeing someone who smokes cigarettes.

giphy (3)

5. Finding a juice you never want to stop vaping on.


6. Getting a mouth full of juice.

giphy (4)

7.  When your battery dies and you don’t have a spare.

giphy (5)

8. Dropping your vape.

giphy (6)

9. Running out of juice.

giphy (7)

10. When breaking a glass drip tip.

giphy (8)

11. Or cracking your tank.

giphy (9)

12. Trying to find a usb port when you’re not at home.

200w_s (1)

13. Or losing your charger.

giphy (10)

14. Arguing with someone who doesn’t have all of the facts about ecigs.

giphy (11)

15. Vaping at a party.

giphy (12)

16. Understanding vaping terms and being able to explain them to people.

giphy (13)

17. Attempting your first rebuildable.

giphy (14)

18. And getting amazing clouds when you finally get it right.

giphy (15)

19. Mastering the art of stealth vaping.

giphy (16)

20. Getting vape tounge.

giphy (17)


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