About Vapor Awareness

Tiffany Gambino along with a few celebrities and prominent business professionals created Vapor Awareness to help educate the public on the safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. We had all been cigarette smokers and we’re affected by the awful side effects. After Ms. Gambino being recently diagnosed with breast cancer knew she had make a huge lifestyle change, not just with her diet, but she knew she needed to quit smoking.  She began doing research and discovered how much success was resulting from the use of Electronic Cigarettes, so she made the switch.

After months of research and interviews with industry experts Tiffany was completely convinced that she had to do her part in educating as many people as possible about E-Cigarettes.

Vapor Awareness began educating in small local “Vaping Meetings”, and then graduated to having booths at events across the Midwest, all with the sole purpose to not only educate and encourage current smokers to make the switch, but to educate the entire public and businesses. “We believe the more people we enlighten, not only will it result in less scrutiny, but it will open the minds of lawmakers and government officials to the fact that E-Cigarettes are a safer and a real healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes.”

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