Air Holes Can Drastically Change Your Vape

When it comes to RDA (rebuildable atomizers) air holes are a must because air flow matters when it comes to getting a good vape from your device. The bigger the air holes the better the vape you get whether you are using a RDA, RBa, or a tank. 

A lot of people use a dremel tool to make bigger air holes in their tanks or RDA to get a better air flow. Bigger air holes also mean that it doesn’t take much to get a good hit off of your vaping device. Adjustable air holes are good as well and you can find those on different tanks and RDA’s as well which can also increase or decrease your air hole and give you a much better satisfaction with your device. 

Usually the standard air holes that come with the device already are good but there are a lot of people who like to tinker with the air holes to get a better vape. The more you enjoy your vape and the hits that you get off of your device the more likely you are to quit those cigarettes even faster. Vaping is fun and the more you know the more you become to like it. 

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