E-Liquid Knowledge Guide & FAQS

What are the side effects of vaping E-Liquids?
Probably the most commonly reported side effect of vaping non-nicotine based E-Liquids is a dry mouth due to the gyroscopic attributes of proplyene glycol – so sip water regularly. Other side effects are most difficult to attribute to E-Liquids generally as some may be a results of the replacement of tobacco as the body adjusts. Just bear in mind that anything introduced to the body has the potential to create side-effects; which can vary greatly form individual to individual in nature, intensity and duration. Find more details on PG Side Effects and/or VG Side Effects.
What's Steeping?
An odd thing can happen with E-Liquids – you may try one and absolutely hate it, but when you come back to it a week later it might be your favorite, or the opposite may occur. This phenomenon occurs more commonly with juices that have a nicotine content.
This can happen for a couple of reasons.
First, if you switch entirely from tobacco cigarettes to vaping, your sense of taste starts to improve so things can taste different one day to the next until your sense of taste is fully restored.
What is more likely happening though has to do with “steeping”. Recently produced E-Liquids can be a little raw – the flavors haven’t settled yet. It can take anywhere up to 3 weeks after production for the E-Liquid to settle into what would be considered its final flavor. This process is called steeping. If you do buy E-Liquids you don’t like initially; don’t throw them out – let them site for a week or two and then sample them again.
Nicotine or Non-Nicotine E-Liquid?
It’s a matter of personal choice. Some people really enjoy vaping E-Liquids that don’t’ contain nicotine. Others prefer nicotine to be present and mix 0mg E-Liquids with nicotine liquids.
How dangerous is nicotine?
Like other toxic substances, “the dose makes the poison”. Nicotine is a toxic substance, but so is alcohol and caffeine. (Read for more information on Nicotine). While the dangers of tobacco cigarettes have little to do with their nicotine content aside form the addiction aspect: nicotine liquids need to be treated with caution and absolutely must be kept our of reach of children as even in reasonably small doses, nicotine can cause great harm. Bear in mind when you’re vaping a nicotine liquid, in each puff only a tiny amount of liquid is consumed; so a bottle of nicotine liquid needs to be handled and stored with great care. Also note that nicotine can be adsorbed through the skin.

How Much E-Liquid Should I buy?
This is difficult to advice on as consumption levels will vary person to person, but assuming you are buying unflavored 36mg nicotine E-Liquids to add flavor to and usually smoke 18mg cigarettes, here’s how much you’ll probably nicotine liquid you’ll use a day based on tobacco cigarette consumption; bearing in mind you’ll be mixing the nicotine liquid and flavored juice in a 50/50 ratio.
We recommend not buying more than 3 months supply in any single oder.
  • 10 Cigarettes a day = .3 ml a day (around 10 ml a month)
  • 25 cigarettes a day = 8 ml a day (around 24 ml a month)
  • 50 cigarettes a day = 1.6 ml a day (48 ml a month)
Safety when mixing nicotine based liquids
If you wish to use nicotine liquids, there are additional safety precautions you should take:
– Wear gloves when mixing liquids
– Eye protection is also advisable
– Use precise devices for measuring, e.g. a syringe
– Keep liquids out of reach of children
Storing E-Liquids
E-Liquid should be stored in air-tight containers with child-proof caps (even 0mg nicotine juices) and our of reach of children; particularly nicotine based liquids.
The major enemies of E-Liquids containing nicotine are heat, sunlight and air. Unflavored nicotine based liquids should keep well for several months at room temperature and if kept out of sunlight; assuming the juice was reasonably fresh when you purchased it and exposure to air is minimal.
For longer term storage, we recommend putting E-Liquids into glass bottles in the fridge or freezer, the latter preferable.
Given the nature of E-Liquids, placing them in a glass bottle and storing in the freeze will not see the bottle shatter as the liquid will not expand.
Again, you will need to consider safety when storing in such a way if you have children and if other people have access to your fridge and freezer, ensure all liquids are clearly marked as poisonous.

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