Health benefits of moving from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes are subjective. The benefits are very similar to individuals who have quit smoking tobacco cigarettes entirely.

Here are some general health benefits:

• Better sleep

• Improved sense of smell and taste

• Reduced coughing and phlegm

• More energy and vitality

• Reduction in snoring

• Reduced pain in chest

• Improved mood and sense of well being

• Improved vision

• Feeling of power and control


The biggest health risks regarding E-Cigarettes is that we do not have many long term scientific studies on Electronic Cigarettes. Since the Electronic Cigarette is new to the market (less then six years old), it is impossible to do any long term studies over a person’s lifetime. All we can do is look at individuals experiences and testimonials, as well as the studies that have been done on the E-Cigarette. We can also look at the studies that have been done on the individual contents of the E-Liquid used in the E-Cigarettes, specifically Liquid Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerin and Proplyene Glycol.

If you are a current tobacco smoker, you must weight the risks associated with the electronic cigarettes with the risks of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. In our opinion, this is a no brainier. I’ll take hundreds and hundreds of ex-smokers turned E-Smokers testimonials, the results from their doctors saying their tests consider them to be a ‘non-smoker’, and the scientific studies done on the E-Cigarette, as well as the contents of the E-Juice compared to that of tobacco cigarettes.

With all that being said, here is a list of known health issues and risks with E-Cigarette smoking.

• People allergic to Glycerine or Glycerol may have allergic reactions to the E-Liquid

• Oral ingestion of large quantities of the E-Liquid that contains nicotine may cause poisoning

• Dry mouth & throat, sores in mouth & throat, and dried out faces

• Sore muscles (from the increased amount of lactic acid from glycerol E-Liquid)

• Sore and chafed tongue

• Headaches

• Persons using an Electronic Cigarette will not be stopping their addition to nicotine

An important thing to remember when making the transition from tobacco cigarettes to the E-Cigarette is that there are many side effects from quitting tobacco products that may be mis-interpreted as E-Cigarette side effects.




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