Introduction and Getting Started

So you are ready to switch, yay! you’ve read what you needed to and are ready to take the leap, quit smoking and start “vaping”. You can refer to the Vaping Glossary if any of these words are still unfamiliar.

Here’s what you are going to need:

– A battery/device, this is where you start, it supplies the power to your atomizer. You have a few options for devices here.
          • You can get an Ego Style Battery with variable voltage/wattage if
you’d like. This device is self-contained (has a non-removable battery).

          • You could also get something more advanced like a Big Battery Mod.
These use 18350, 18500 (18490), and 18650 sized batteries most of the
time. There are two major battery types; IMR is good and ICR is bad. the
Sony VTC3 and VTC4’s are also acceptable. Look in the devices’
specifications to make sure to get the right size battery.

          • Then you have the DNA20/30 devices. Some come with charging cords
and non-removable batteries, no problem. But some, without a charging port,
use the IMR and Sony batteries.

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– A battery charger
          • If you have purchased an ego style battery, the charging cords usually come
with them. If not, DON’T use a cell phone charger; there’s too much voltage in those
to use for a battery of this size. Just go to any vape shop, online or local, and they
should have a charger available.

          • If you purchased a Big Battery Mod, or a DNA20/30 device with removable batteries,
get something like the XTAR WP2. That one is inexpensive and it works with no problems.
You’re going to want to set that at .5A on the switch on the back to charge batteries
unless you’re in a hurry to have two batteries charging at once.

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Now, your Atomizer. You have TWO major options for these styles of devices: Clearomizers and Cartomizers.
          • Clearomizers consist of a base, a head that screws into the base (this hols
the wick and coil), a tank that’s screwed onto the base (this holds the E-Liquid),
and a drip tip (or mouthpiece).

          • Cartomizers however, are a little different. They have two main styles. The first
style is a basic tube with the wick and coil at the bottom of the tube filled with a
substance called polyfill, a drip tip on top, and the connection is on the bottom.
You put E-Liquid in the top to fill the polyfill, and vape away.

          • The second kind is the same thing, but with punched holes, or slots on the side.
Then, a tank is screwed onto it and it is sealed on with o-rings. Now you have a tank
that makes sure your wick and polyfill are always wet with juice. Both options work.
Look at examples of both and decide which one you would think would work best for you.

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