Should We Prohibit Vape?

Should We Prohibit Vape?


After comparing Tobacco and E-Cigarettes, the facts are simple. We’ve compared the two several times throughout many of our articles. This article is different in the sense that we are bringing actual numbers to the table and if anything it make our case more understandable so the people that still have doubts about the healthier option we support.

Vapor Awareness - Tobacco vs e liquid

19 Cigarettes = 1.6ml of E-Liquid

Vapor Awareness - E-Cigarette Toxins Compared to Tobacco Cigarettes

Comparing the ingredients of Tobacco Cigarettes to E-Liquid. Really? Is it hard to realize what the safer alternative really is?

Tobacco Cigarette vs E-Liquid Ingredients

Not exactly scientific, but interesting piece of information display the LARGE amount of money that tobacco companies are bringing in.

Vapor Awareness  - Tobacco Company Profits

If this doesn’t drive home how important it is for you to make the switch, then I don’t know what will.

Vapor Awareness - Tobacco Cigarette Deaths


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