The Real Reason E-Cigarettes Are So Popular

The Real Reason E-Cigarettes Are So Popular

Why have electronic cigarettes become so popular these days?

Simply put, E-cigarettes are non-polluting, non-carcinogenic, and smokeless.

Vaping-News---E-cigarette-PopularityThe World Popularity of the E-cig

Both men and women are vaping electronic cigarettes these days. Women especially are interested in having electronic cigarettes because it’s free of smoke and odor.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Experience better health without the toxins, tar, and other poisons traditional cigarettes contain. No more worrying about second-hand smoke that bothers the people around you. E-cigarettes create no smoke.

Improved self-esteem with the removal of traditional cigarettes successfully removes many of the downfalls typically associated with traditional smoking.

Say GOODBYE to bad breath, yellow teeth, and the smell of smoke on your clothes and hands.

Electronic Cigarettes and The Environment

Electronic cigarettes are environmentally friendly and do not cause any harm to the environment as the traditional cigarettes do. The major constituent is propylene glycol in the e-cigarettes, the propylene glycol is combined with many flavorings and liquified nicotine. This is the chemical that is normally used as the food additive and this chemical is odorless and colorless.


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