The Flavor You Should Vape For Your Profession

The Flavor You Should Vape For Your Profession

A hard day on the construction site? Need to unwind after a business meeting? Have to get amped before the big race? Here’s a guide to get you the perfect flavor of e-liquid for the job.

So, we though about all of the common flavor profiles that are out there and put them together with what careers they go with best. Check them out below.

Teacher – Apple Flavored E-Liquid
How are teachers shown appreciation? An apple on their desks. So how should they show themselves some as well? Apple flavored e-liquid of course! When your head is buzzing after a day of screaming children or whining teenagers, and you still have a pile of homework to grade, grab your e-cig, add some sweet and sour apple, and finish off your workday smoothly. Teachers, you are the true warriors of society. Chalk one up to yourself!

Scientist – Blueberry Flavored E-Liquid
Blueberries = antioxidants. This we know. We have heard it through the grapevine. Or, um, rather, the blueberry bush. But, who figured that out in the first place? Some scientist somewhere. Whoever you are, thank you. YOU are rewarded some blueberry e-cigs! We’re not saying blueberry e-liquid is full of antioxidants. But actually, why not? Everything these days claims to. Let’s jump on that bandwagon. Enjoy and feel good about it!

Utility Worker – Cherry
Spending all day fixing electrical lines is tricky work. But you can use the power of electricity to have a break as well. So when you are up the telephone pole in the cherry picker, take a moment to enjoy the view and have yourself a puff of cherry nicotine. The lift you give your mood will equal the heights of your daring job.

Bouncer – Peach
You can’t fool us, bouncers. We know you’re just like a peach: tough on the outside, but soft and sweet inside. We know you’re just doing your job, and a good one at that. It’s not easy, and someone has to be the bad guy in order to keep order. And we’ve partied with you when you get off your shifts, and let us say, some of you are some big softies. In a good way! Just real, kind people. Let us give you some peach flavor. And while you’re blissfully enjoying that, we’ll take the opportunity to let you know you’re like a peach in another way too: your buzz-cut head is so cute and fuzzy! Please, still let us in the club, ok?

Firefighter – Watermelon
Nothing quenches a thirst like watermelon. Here’s to our brave men and women who put on a hot outfit to run into an even hotter environment. Back at the firehouse, keep the flame burning under the barbeque grill but put out the fires burning inside with a cool watermelon flavored nicotine. and seriously, who wants to inhale even more smoke after all that? Enjoy the clean, refreshing vapor an e-cigarette produces, and chill out from the inside out.

Zookeeper – Banana
Sure you hand out bananas all day long to the chimps, but you never get any yourself! Enjoy a tasty banana flavor without having to peel anything. But, on second thought, you may be way too sick of the smell of bananas by the time it’s time to take a breather. Maybe you want anything but banana. Understandable. How about having an e-cigar? For some reason, chimps and cigars go well together. You can take a cigar break along with the chimp buddies.

Snow Plower – Coconut
Shoveling snow all day is a cold, hard job. You need a moment to kick back, put on some Jimmy Buffett, and have yourself a piña colada with coconut rum. But piña coladas are cold. So better yet, have a coconut flavored e-cig. Keep your body warm while escaping to paradise in your mind.

Bartender – Lemon/Lime
Sick of being asked for a twist? Need help with some one-line comebacks to your obnoxious drunk customers? Have a lemon/lime vape. It will boost your energy and give you inspiration those perfect sour-laden zingers to hit back with. You witty bartenders are the best at those. Maybe that’s part of the job interview?

Vaudeville Actor – Pineapple
It just seems right. Why? Hmm, ah yes. Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. His hair looks like the top of a pineapple. Bam! What else would you say goes with pineapple? We’re sure you can do better than that.

Hairdresser – Strawberry
Blondes have more fun. Redheads are fiery. Brunettes are better. Whatever! We know the stereotypes are ridiculous. Plus, how many ladies out there are really sporting their natural hair color? Only hairdressers know. But we have a feeling there are many more strawberry blondes out there than nature provided. So, hair stylists, we respect your ability to keep secrets: not only about hair color, but also all the other gossip that goes on in the studio. You are so sweet. Treat yourselves to a sweet yet tangy strawberry vape in between clients. Let that be the real highlights of your day.

Lifeguard – Summer Combo
Just like those hotties on the beach, one flavor is not enough for you summertime rollers. Order up a fruity combo, and mix and match all season long. Have a peach on the beach, an apple in the open air bar, blueberries in your convertible.

Zumba Instructor – Fruit Combo
Fiesta time! Rumba, samba, salsa, merengue… nothing gets the hips shaking like a fruity zing and some conga rhythms. Vamos a bailar! Take some puffs beforehand to fire up the dance floor, and have some after to cool it down, you sweet mamacitas!


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