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Drip – To drip drops of e-liquid into an atomizer.

Drip Tip – An accessory that can be used in conjunction with an atomizer or cartomizer. These have a larger opening than the original equipment and allows a user to drip Juice directly onto the atomizer. Some people use a drip tip on their cartomizers simply for looks and/or comfort.

Drip Well – The drip well is typically a bowl shape on a mod where the atomizer female connector sits. The drip well is designed to catch any excess e-liquid that may have leaked from the atomizer.

Drip On-Demand (DOD) – The drip on demand is an accessory that is used to feed e-liquid into your atomizer by pressing the bottle. Your bottle of e-liquid is placed at the top of the feeder and a spout or tube is branched off for your to insert your drip top. This makes dripping easier.

Disposable E-Cigarette – The disposable e-cigarette usually comes with no charger or way to charge it. It is designed to be used once and to last long enough for you to cape through 1 pre-filled cartomizer. Typically, a disposable e-cigarette is a 1 piece design. It is said to last up to 24 hours.

Direct Dripping – The act of dripping e-liquid directly on the atomizer coil.

Dipping – The act of dipping an atomizer into e-liquid.

DNA – The DNA is a small variable wattage board built for modders. To board can produce up to 12 watts and can be running in parallel to produce 24 watts.

Dewick – The act of removing the wick from an atomizer.

Debridge – The act of removing the bridge (and wick) from an atomizer – common practice for people who direct drip.

Drip Shield – The drip shield is a round metal or plastic tube that slips over your atomizer. If leaking occurs on your atomizer, the liquid will leak into the drip shield instead of leaking on your PV. As your atomizer runs out of liquid stored, the liquid in the drip shield will be sucked back  into the atomizer to then be vaporized.

Do It Yourself (DIY) – To do it yourself; manually mixing e-liquid with its components. Anything that involves doing it yourself.

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