FDA Regulations That Has Brought Vaping Industry To A Freeze

Starting August 8th, the FDA will have deemed new regulations for the vaping industry? So what exactly are these regulations? What does this mean for consumers, retailers, and manufacturers? 


1. Instead of being offered hundreds of new e-liquid blends each and every week, consumers will be forced to purchase only those brands originally released prior to August 8, unless the retailer chooses to pay the million-dollar PMTA fee.

2. Instead of being offered a “new and improved” atomizer that resolves that frustrating leaking problem, consumers may have to do without because the vendor cannot afford to pay a second, million-dollar PMTA fee.

3. Repairs of vaping and e-cig equipment via a firmware fix will no longer be readily available, unless the manufacturer chooses to pay the million-dollar PMTA fee.

4. Retailers will no longer be giving away free samples of e-juices to their customers, which is part of the fun of heading down to the local vape shop. Instead, you will have to pay a fee to be able to test liquids. 

5. Vape shops will no longer be building new coils for their customers either. Every new build requires yet another payment of a million-dollar PMTA fee by the retailer.

After August 8, manufacturers like Kanger and JoyeTech will now be forced to undergo the costly and time-consuming PMTA process for each and every new product released to the market. A new PMTA will even be required for existing products with some new-fangled update or modification, like an improved firing button or a safer casing for an 18650 battery.


While the FDA now requires all e-liquids to go through the PMTA process, they fail to give an exact overall cost per product. The FDA currently estimates that it takes about 500 hours or $300,000 to process a single application. Other political insiders believe the number to be closer to 1500 to 1700 hours with an escalating cost of over $1 million per product. Meanwhile, an Indiana News Channel is running a story that the cost is in upwards of $5 million. And a single application must be submitted for each flavor combination and each different variation in nicotine strength.

Let’s say that it takes only 500 hours. That’s about 62.5 business days. Do we really expect the FDA to process millions of applications in three-month’s time? Probably not. So where does that leave us?

1. Prices will go up 

2. Selections will go down 

3. Vape mods will be obsolete 

For those retailers who would be lucky enough or successful enough to afford a million-dollar PMTA process, those application fees have to come from somewhere. So, retailers would transfer those costs to the consumer. E-liquid prices would soar, thousands of selections of e-juice flavors would disappear overnight, and vape mods would virtually become extinct. According to the FDA, we have a 2-year window to come into full compliance.


PMTA’s, list of ingredients, and many other forms and information will have to be sent to the FDA before certain dates. If the manufacturers fail to do so, there will be severe punishments that will be underway for those who do not comply and continue to manufacture. 

Below Are Flyers That Have Been Provided By The FDA for the Regulations: 



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