Key Factors To Purchasing A Vape Setup

There are a lot of important factors and things in particular that you might want or like or even feel in necessary. This will affect your overall vaping experience, especially if you are a beginner. If you are buying a mod or a tank for the first thing there are things that you will want to look for before purchasing.

First things first, there are three major parts that go in to creating a setup, 1) The Tank, which will hold your liquid 2) the coil which is the prime delivery for your liquid and 3) The Mod, which is the battery powered device that your tank will go on to and be powered by.

It may seem like a whole new world at first, but once you get the hang of it, it really is just simple.

Lets start with The Tank.

Storage Capacity

When looking for a tank you first want to consider the storage capacity. How much juice can my tank hold? How many times will I have to fill this everyday? Simply put, the best storage capacity for a tank will be between 3ml and 4ml of juice, this way if you vape a lot you will probably only have to fill it about once a day. If you have less than this you will find that you are not going to want to fill it all of the time.

Air Flow

Another big, important factor in buying a tank is the air flow,  you want to be able to change it when you want to whether that be to low amount of air or a high amount of air coming through. If you are deciding to subohm with a Kangertech Subtank then you will want to have the tank at max air flow, but usually it is best to leave it at max air flow all of the time unless you need to prime the coil then you can easily change it to get juice in to a brand new, dry coil.


When it comes to changing and buying coils, it solely depends on how much you vape and whether you are picky about changing your coil with every new juice you have. Personally, I would choose a coil that will last a while. I vape with a Kangertech Subtank and with Kangertech they are very versatile and they are a very large company that is trusted and their coils can last a while. The same with Aspire, their coils are very universal with a lot of other tanks as well, which is good and they last a while.

Next thing you will need to focus on is you Mod.

The Battery

When you are choosing a mod you really have to plan a head of time with what you are going to buy. If you plan on vaping a lot throughout the day, I would go with a mod that uses dual 18650 batteries, that will bring you around 5000mah, which is long enough to last someone who is vaping all day to have their mod last them all day. A mod that I would suggest for this would be:

Joyetech Evic VT

This mod has an internal 5000mah battery life and it has temperature control and is also available in a starter kit pack or it can be sold as just the battery pack itself.

Eleaf iStick 100 watt

This mod does have the availability to go up to 100 watts, but the upside is that it has a magnetic battery door in the back. It holds two 18650 batteries and if you want to, you can switch out the batteries or you can charge via micro-USB. This is a great option. It is a little big, but if you like the size, I would try it out.

*Side Note: Make sure that when choosing a tank or a mod that they have the universal 510 connection that most mods and tanks have.

If you are looking for a cylindrical, tube look for your mod, then I would go with the new Kangertech Subvod kit. This is a smart battery, so it is regulated, but you can not change the voltages or wattages manually. It will push to the maximum power with whatever ohm you have in your coil. It is completely safe and on another bright side, it also comes with a tank and you get to choose from a wide variety of colors.

Mechanical Mods

I would not recommend this for beginners, but if you are skilled with batteries, wiring, and know enough knowledge about how wattages and voltages are and feel safe around an unregulated mod then get a mechanical mod. If you want to blow clouds, this if for you. Usually with the mechanical mods a lot of people use what is called an RDA, which is a rebuildable atomizer, you simply just drip juice on the coil.

*Safe Note: There is a chip piece that you can buy, if you are going for the mechanical unregulated mod, that prevents your setup from being blown up. You place this piece on the top of the battery or on top of the tank connection and this will blow the battery before the atomizer. With these mods, if not safely put together or used safely they can become dangerous because they do not regulate power with a chip.

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