Vaping Certain Flavors Can Affect Your Mood

Just like how food and scents can affect your mood, vaping can too. Here’s a list of flavor types and how they can affect your mood.

Bakery and Dessert Flavors

These types of flavors that have custard, muffin, cheesecake, or pie flavor can make you feel an emotion similar to love. When vaping a flavor such as these that are bakery and dessert you can feel cozy and comfortable. Maybe a vanilla cupcake suits your mood? Or crisp apple strudel? No matter the flavor, bakery and dessert flavors will give you that feeling, especially if it is your favorite.

Fruity Flavors 

Citrus flavors, watermelon, honey dew, or strawberry can make you feel energetic. Try e-liquids like these if you need that afternoon boost or morning jumpstart. If you feel unfocused, you can also try these types of flavors to get you in that alert mood that you need.

Nutty Flavors 

These flavors have the same result on your mood as bakery flavors, they can make you feel calm, comfortable, and cozy. These flavors can be great for the winter time, when you are in the mood of the holiday spirit, sitting around a warm fire.

Cinnamon Flavors 

It’s one of the coziest scents out there, but this sweet-smelling spice can also boost your brainpower.I separated these flavors a part from the bakery and dessert because these flavors can make you feel alert. Cinnamon is great for sharpening the mind.

Vanilla Flavors 

These flavors are really good for elevating your mind. Vanilla may often be used as a synonym for “bland,” but this scent is anything but when it comes to our happiness levels. Vanilla will mainly elevate your feelings of joy and relaxation.

Menthol and Mint Flavors 

For those of you who love menthol and minty flavors, here’s a little information for you. Menthol and mint flavors can actually help improve your concentration, in addition to doing a favor for your breath. There is also a small bit of research to suggest that the menthol scent in peppermint even tricks the brain into thinking that it alleviates stuffy nasal passages, just the thing you need when you’re feeling a little under the weather.


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