E-Cig Studies & Results

Vapor Awareness want to share and believes you have the right to review all the facts, science and ancillary data when making the decision whether the Electronic Cigarette is right for you or a loved one.

Below are several relevenat tests and test summaries that have been completed on the E-Cigarette.

TEST TITLE: FDA TEST: Evaluation of E-Cigarettes. May 4th 2009

Purpose: The FDA’s initial testing of nJoy & Smoking Everywhere Brands contents.

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TEST TITLE: nJoy Rebuttal to the FDA May 4, 2009 E-Cig Tests Exponent, Inc.

Purpose: To factually refute the FDA’s July 22, 2009 press release

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TEST TITLE: Health New Zealand Study of Electronic Cigarettes – Ruyan

Purpose: This report aims to assist regulators to determind the safety of electornic cigarettes. The first scientific study to determind the actual consituency of E-Cig vapor.

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TEST TITLE: Characterization of Liquid for Electronic Cigarettes – Alliance Technologies

Purpose: To test electronic cigarettes by gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to identify the ingredients in the mixture and their relative concentrations. In addition, vapor produced from an Electronic Cigarette containing this smoke juice was assayed to compare the relative smoke composition to that of the liquid.

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TEST TITLE: Analysis of Components from Gamucci Electronic Cigarette – LPD Lab Services

Purpose: Gamucci Electronic Cigarette Zero, Ultra Light, Light, and Regular Nicotine solutions were supplied for analysis by Gamucci as part of their due diligence to confirm the components currently found within the nicotine solution formulation.

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TEST TITLE: nJoy E-Cigarette Health Risk Assessment by Exponent, Inc.

Purpose: To identify and critically evaluate possible health risks that may be associated with Electronic Cigarettes.

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TEST TITLE: Characterization of inLife Electronic Cigarettes – Alliance Technologies

Purpose: A liquid formulation used in Electronic Cigarettes was tested by gas chromatogrpahy mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to identify and determined relative concentrations in the mixture of four Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNAs) and eight Tobacco Specific Impurities (TSIs) in inLifes products.

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TEST TITLE: Safety of Nicotine Polacrilex Gum Used by 3,094 Participants in the Lung Health Study – (Study to determine the health risks of ingestion of nicotine only)

Purpose: To assess cardiovascular conditions and other side effects associated with the use of nicotine polacrilex (NP), 2 mg. Design: A multicentered randomized control trial of early intervention for the prevention of COPD. TO STUDY HOW INGESTING NICOTINE ONLY EFFECTS HUMANS.


TEST TITLE: Cancer Risk Reduced by E-Cigarettes

Purpose: To determine if the nicotine delivered via the E-Cig is going to promote cancer in already existing pre-cancerous cells.


TEST TITLE: South African Study on E-Cig Effect on Cessation

Purpose: A local South African medical study on the efficiency of Electronic Cigarettes to help smokers stop smoking. A team of doctors supplied 349 patients with electronic cigarettes, over a period of eight weeks.


TEST TITLE: Analysis of Components from “E-Juice XX High 36mg/ml Rated Nicotine Solution” ref S 55434

Purpose: One bottle of “E-Juice XX High 36mg/ml rated Nicotine Solution” was supplied for analysis by “Hertfordshire Trading Standards” to confirm the components currently found within the Nicotine Solution formulation, and consider what is the appropriate Legislation for dealing with the product.

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TEST TITLE: Analysis of Chemical Components from High, Med & Low Nicotine Cartridges

Purpose: Nicotine solution cartridges were supplied for analysis by ‘The Electronic Cigarette Co (UK) Ltd.’ as part of their due diligence to confirm the components currently found within the Nicotine Solution formulation. Sample cartridges labeled High, Medium and Low nicotine were supplied.

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TEST TITLE: Chemical Composition of “Instead” Electronic Cigarette Smoke Juice and Vapor

Purpose: Two different liquid formulations (Instead Zero and Instead High) used in Electronic Cigarettes were tested by gas chromatography with a flame ionization detector (GC-FID) to identify the major ingredients in the mixture (nicotine, glycerol, and glycerin) and their relative concentrations.

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Purpose: The purpose of the analysis was to determine the chemical composition of the vapor/fog that an Electronic Cigarette generated.

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TEST TITLE: “Super Smoker” Expert Report Final Report

Purpose: These tests are to determine substances that are present in liquid with the above-mentioned label and to determine which substances are present in the smoke produced by the “Super Smoker” Cigarettes.

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TEST TITLE: Electronic nicotine delivery devices: ineffective nicotine delivery and craving suppression after acute administration

Purpose: Study published in Tobacco Control 2010 Vol. 19 No 1, conducted by Tom Eissenberg and funded by the National Cancer Institute

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TEST TITLE: Effect of an Electronic Nicotine delivery device (E-Cigarette) on desire to smoke and withdrawal, user preferences and nicotine delivery: randomized cross-over trial

Purpose: To measure the short-term effects of an electronic nicotine delivery device (E-Cigarette) on desire to smoke, withdrawl symptoms, acceptability, pharmacokinetic properties and adverse effects.


TEST TITLE: Critique of the WHO TobReg report on E-Cigarettes

Purpose: Report on the scientific basis of tobacco regulation: Third Report of a WHO Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation. WHO 2009

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TEST TITLE: Materials Characterization Report-Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette

Purpose: Detect/Identify Semi-volatiles and Volatiles in Extracts of the “As Received” E-Cig Cartridge and the Aerosol Produced by the Crown7 Electronic Cigarette by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS)

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