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As the list below concludes that the E-Cigarette is a more logical option. Based on the laboratory testing that has been conducted (View completed Tests & Studies Here), the presence of the product on the market for several years without any recognized adverse effects, the demonstrated absence of carcinogens that are present in high concentration in cigarettes, and the absence of any suspected toxin or carcinogen that has been identified and thought to cause disease, how could it be opined that switching back to traditional cigarettes from this product is a reasonable decision? Below are the 10 Science Truths of Electronic Cigarettes.


1. We know of all major and minor constituents in the ingredients of the E-Cig cartridge and vapor. Vapor Awareness contains links and information to differing studies of tests done on the electronic cigarette. In not one of these tests were carcinogens or toxins found at any levels harmful to humans.

2. We know that tobacco cigarettes contain over 6,000 plus chemicals and toxins inclusive of 66 known carcinogens and that the E-Cig contains 13 ingredients all of which have been in the US food supply for decades and all are generally  recognized as safe (GRAS) by FDA.

3. We know that the mere detection of a chemical does not equal hazard or risk and that the reporting of data without context can frequently (and in this case specifically) generate confusion, unnecessary anxiety and legislative action detrimental to the public’s welfare.

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4. We know that in the recent past the FDA and EPA banned very useful consumer products when they found only trace amounts of chemical components in the body or the environment and later found those products to not be harmful. An example is ALAR, 60 minutes and Meryl Streep warned the world in 1989 that ALAR, an apple growth regulator, was a toxic agricultural chemical and that children eating apples were at risk of cancer and other disease and had to be pulled from the market immediately! Was this necessary? Perhaps, if you were planning on consuming 4,000 gallons of apple juice per day for life. That’s the equivalent dose for humans at which ALAR was reported to cause cancer in mice. It turned out health authorities confirmed that there was never any health risk posed by the use of ALAR. In the end, scientists know that the ability to merely measure the presence of a chemical that is potentially harmful does not indicate that human health is in jeopardy. Furthermore, it is well known that human blood contains traces of nearly all the myriad natural and synthetic chemicals to which we are exposed daily.

5. We know that since late 2007 over 800,000+ Americans have been and are successfully using the E-Cig to stay off tobacco cigarettes and by banning the E-Cig all would have to return to the leading cause of death in America, tobacco cigarettes.

6. We know that with now over 800,000+ users of the E-Cig as far as anyone knows, there has not been any reported adverse effects of the product in contrast with Pfizer’s FDA approved drug Chantrix, where the FDA has documented reports of thousands of adverse effects, including deaths yet Chantirx is still on the market and the E-Cig is being branded as dangerous by the FDA and state and local regulators.

7. We know that Pfizer has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2009 to two groups, Legcacy and ASH and that they are heavily lobbying state and legistlative officials to ban the E-Cig and that Pfizer will lost millions in sales by the success of the E-Cig.

8. We know that by banning the E-Cig and returning hundreds of thousands of user back to tobacco cigarettes will indeed increase by billions of dollars the furture health care costs that will unnecessarily be borne by society.

9. We know that there is a positive net environmental effect now with the E-Cig introduction. During the annual clean up held in 2009, the Ocean Conservancy reported that over 350,000 volenteers from 68 contries spent a day cleanign up debris from coasts and waterways. From their efforts the group was able to collect a mind boggling 7.7 million pounds of trash. Cigarettes and cigarette butts made up most of the collected trash. In 2011, 2 years later, around 25% of the total trsh collected by the same group was made up of cigarette and cigarette butts. On the other hand, food wrappers and containers made up 10% of the entire bulk. Every year, about 1,000 people are killed in smoking related house fires. According to the USFA, one-in-four people killed in home firese is not the smoker whose cigarette caused the fire. In face, 34% were children of the smokers and 25% were neighbors or friends of the smokers. Discarded cigarette butts pose a significant threat to our environment in terms of fire. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, upwards of 90,000 firese every year in the United States alone  are caused by cigarettes.

10. We know that once rational people read just the science facts of the Electronic Cigarette and the actual success it is having in getting people off of tobacco cigarettes they will understand how great indeed this new technology is to the health and well-being of the current users of the E-Cig and the potential it has for the millions of Americans who cannot quit tobacco cigarettes

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