Device Education

This section is ALL about the devices we use. Sometime referred to as “mods”.


A regulated device is one that uses circuitry to regulate the power coming from the battery, to your atomizer. There are many different kinds, so strap in for the long haul!

vamo_v2_1Ego Style

An ego style device, in it’s basic form, has an encapsulated, non-removable, battery; a button, and a connection on top. Sometime that connection is basic ego cone threaded (the atomizers for this style have a “cone” at the bottom that goes OVER the threads), or 510 threaded (this type of connection is a male connection where the atomizer goes on the INSIDE of the treading on the device). These are usually the size of a sharpie.

A common addition to the ego style devices is Variable Voltage and or Variable Wattage. Read the math section to learn about what this means and how it works. For Variable Voltage Ego Style devices, there is usually a dial at the bottom of the device to change voltage. If it’s Variable Wattage, usually there is a screen on it somewhere that lets you control the Wattage. Pretty straightforward.

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Big Battery Mods

sigelei-zmax5 colors-500x500

These consist of the kind of devices that house a rechargeable, removable battery (See the Battery Education page to learn about them and which ones to use). Some have Variable Voltage/Wattage; some have battery checkers so you know how low your battery is. There are a multitude of options ranging from inexpensive (I.E. Sigelei Zmax) to high end (I.E. Provari or a DNA20 device) and everything in between. These are cylindrical in shape and have circuitry inside to regulate the voltage/wattage coming from the device, going to your atomizer. These usually have some kind of circuitry protection to prevent batteries from overheating and causing catastrophic thermal meltdown.

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Box Mods

Box mods are the same concept as the Big Battery Mods. They don’t always have a replaceable battery (I.E. The MVP) though. It’s purely a form factor change; the insides are generally the same or similar.


An E-Pipe is exactly how it sounds. You have a device that has a likeness of “Tobacco Pipes” (Think Sherlock Holmes). Almost all of these devices have replaceable batteries, and may or may not be regulated; and may or may not be variable voltage/wattage. MANY different kinds of E-Pipe devices exist and some are just mechanical (see next section).


A true mech describes a device that houses NO circuitry, NO wires, and NO regulation. This means you have a tube to hold a battery, a button to fire the device (letting the voltage from the battery get to the atomizer), and a connection on top to put an atomizer on. When using Mech’s you have to be extremely careful to ensure absolute safety in use.

mech mods

There are three common types of button placement on a Mech. They are as follows:

• Top Side Fire
• Bottom Fire
• Bottom Side Fire

Which one you choose is purely based on preference.

Telescoping just means that the device itself, the body, screws up and down to accommodate different battery sizes (Length).

A Hybrid is a device that the body of the device, and the atomizer, are one piece. The most common example are the iHybrids. Instead of having a connection on top to connect your atomizer, the head itself (where the 510 connection usually is) IS the atomizer. These usually cannot be separated thus maintaining a sleek, one piece device. (Although, they usually do come apart for cleaning and polishing, and replacing the battery when it’s dead.)

A Kick is a small circuit board that fits inside the body of your mechanical device, that adds regulation to your mech. Some devices come with a specific “Kick Ring” to be able to fit this circuit board inside the body of the device to accomidate the Kick AND a big battery like an 18650.

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