Alcohol Ad and Cigarette Ad vs. Vaping Ad

Looking through a regular magazine at the store you will come across either an Alcohol Advertisement or a Tobacco Advertisement, maybe even both in the same magazine.

Today’s legalities for Alcohol and Tobacco Ads:

Tobacco Ads have been banned from television since the 1970’s. Since then, they have been placed in magazines and on billboards. Since 1984, cigarette companies have been placing Surgeon General warnings on every pack distributed. Restrictions on cigarette companies became even tighter in 2010 with the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. The act prohibits tobacco companies from sponsoring sports, music, and other cultural events and also prevents the display of their logos or products on T-shirts, hats, or other apparel.

Alcohol Ads still air on television today. Because of strong self-regulation, alcohol advertising has mostly avoided regulation by the federal government.

Vaping Ads are a topic for discussion. Though it does contain nicotine, it is considered as a quitting tool for current smokers. While Tobacco Ads and Alcohol Ads are seen everywhere, Vaping Ads should be everywhere as well. Allowing Vaping Ads to become part of a large magazine or a highly watched television station will allow others to become more accustomed to the idea of quitting smoking with Vaping. This could ultimately cut out Tobacco Products entirely. In relation to the alcohol ads seen, Vaping should be just as equal. Alcohol is overall a drug, however, it does affect your senses even more than nicotine. Today’s media and alcohol brands are expressing the idea of drinking as a normalcy, a way to ‘let go’ and ‘unwind’. The media and other magazines are allowing people to think that it is a normal thing to drink alcohol and that is should be done. So why not show ads that it is okay to quit smoking with Vaping?

Though, researchers and other associations say that vaping has not been studied enough and there are wide spreading bans across the nation that equalize vaping and tobacco, there are millions of people that have quit smoking with vaping and have seen no health related issues in the months or years that they have been vaping.

Therefore, in order to create widespread knowledge that you can quit smoking with vaping, vaping ads need to been seen. The only place that vaping ads are currently placed are in a couple magazines, vaping magazines, and in some gas stations. There has been a couple television ads as well.

There are still debates about alcohol and tobacco ads, yet they have not been entirely banned.

The whole debate about whether or not to have vaping ads is solely based on the fact that there is not enough information to show that it is actually helping people quit smoking.

To raise awareness in the eyes of the people, successes need to be shared.

You can start by sharing your story and helping others around you.

The debate will continue until vaping studies are proven. Till then, in my eyes, they should be shown proudly, more than tobacco or alcohol advertisements.

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