Cigarette Expense Vs. Vaping Expense

Average Cost Per Pack of Cigarettes: $5.51 

Average Daily Cigarette Consumption Per Adult: 21 (Pack per day)

Cost per week: $38.57 Per month: $154.28 

Average Initial Vape Setup Cost: $90.00

  • $50.00 Battery and Tank Together
  • $20.00 Pack of coils (5) 
  • $20.00 E-liquid (1x 30ml)

Let’s say that this person vapes a full Kangertech Subtank Mini tank per day (4.5 ml). This person would roughly end up using a bottle of e-liquid in a whole week. 

Therefore, they would be spending roughly $20.00 a week for a 30ml bottle of e-liquid. 

Total Cost First Month Vaping: $150.00 

Let’s say this person goes through one coil a week and still one e-liquid bottle per week, on average, without buying new equipment. 

Total Cost Second Month Vaping: $100.00

Cost includes: 

  • 4, 30 ml bottles of E-liquid 
  • 1 pack of coils (5) 

Average Cost of Cigarettes Per Month: $155.00 

Average Cost of Vaping Per Month After Initial Investment: $100.00

Saving $55 a month, results in a total average of $660.00 savings per year. It may not seem like much, but switching to vaping would save you a lot more than just money, more importantly, your health.

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