The Countdown To Quitting Success Rates

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The unfortunate reality most smokers face is the eliminating cigarettes from their lives is extremely difficult. Smoking becomes second nature and is relied on by millions. Luckily there are many methods available to help avoid the harm of cigarettes. These are the 6 month success rates of the options smokers have to aid them to quit tobacco.

8.4 chart7. NICOTINE GUM  
A small piece of gum is chewed for 1-2 minutes and then held against the inside of the cheek. Repeated throughout the day. Nicotine levels are gradually lowered.

Thumbs UP
Helps with oral fixation resulting from smoking.
Thumbs DOWN
Requires good planning. Expensive. May cause throat and stomach irritation.

9.2 chart6. NICOTINE PATCH
A patch is applied to the skin and is replaced once per day. Nicotine strength is lowered gradually.

Thumbs UP
Easy to use.

Thumbs DOWN
Does not help with oral fixation. Long period of use. Requires planning. Expensive.

Very similar to nicotine gum. A lozenge is sucked on which releases nicotine into the bloodstream.

Thumbs UP
Causes less irritation than gum.

Thumbs DOWN
Expensive. Poor success rate. Difficult to find.

Typically prescribed by doctors. Releases on aerosol nicotine solution which is inhaled.

Thumbs UP
Mimics the action of smoking.

Thumbs DOWN
Poor success rate.

Pills are prescribed by your doctor, typically Chantix or Bupropion. Prescription is taken for at least 12 weeks.

Thumbs UP
Good success rate. Easy to use.

Thumbs DOWN
Many side effects including dry mouth, insomnia, nausea, abnormal dreams, depression, hostility, and suicidal thoughts and behavior.

22 chart2. COLD TURKEY
Going “cold turkey” means giving up cigarettes without any assistance. Smokers simply stop smoking.

Thumbs UP
Cheapest and fastest method.

Thumbs DOWN
Steep success curve. Most endure all effects of nicotine withdrawl including anxiety, irrability, anger and restlessness.

31 chart1. E-CIGARETTES
Flavored VG or PG based nicotine solution is vaporized and inhaled.

Thumbs UP
Closely mimics the taste, look and feel of cigarettes. Does NOT contain tar and carcinogens. Several levels of nicotine available. Inexpensive compared to other methods.

Thumbs DOWN
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