Difference Between Atomizers, Cartridges, and Cartomizers

Atomizers, Cartridges, and Cartomizers



Atomizer-Heater-Heads---Vapor-Awareness_webAn atomizer, sometimes referred as the heating oil or heating head, is the most critical component of the E-Cigarette and is responsible for turning the E-Liquid into vapor. It is also the component that takes the most wear and tear of the device as it is constantly heating up and cooling down. Most atomizers should be changed out every 1 to 2 weeks, depending upon how “hot” you run your battery, and how frequently you draw the vapor. Different E-Liquids can also affect an atomizer. Some E-Liquids contain ingredients that tend to wear out an atomizer sooner than other E-Liquids. Whenever you atomizer becomes harder to draw the vapor out of, it is probably past the time you should have changed it out for a new one. Based upon usage experience, you will discover the correct time to exchange a worn atomizer out for a new one, but typically, vaping the fruit flavors seem to make the atomizer last longer, whereas the dessert flavors, tend to wear them out quicker. The other flavors fall somewhere in between.


Atomizers may come in a variety of resistance ratings; from 1.8 ohms to 2.8 ohms. The lower the resistance, the more power, and hence the hotter they burn. It is really up to your personal preference, but all resistance ratings will produce good vapor.


E-Cigarettes-Cartridges-webE-Cigarette devices that have separate atomizers and tanks use cartridges to hold the E-Liquid. The E-Liquid is delivered into atomizers via port or hole on the bottom of the cartridges tanks. These cartridges, like the atomizers, must be replaced regularly as the result of the atomizer heating up and distorting the small hole that feeds the E-Liquid. Like the atomizer, the more frequently you vape, or the hotter you atomizer burns, the quicker the cartridge will wear out. This is the major drawback of using devices with separate E-Liquid tanks and atomizer because they will begin to leak as that hole becomes distorted. Leaking tanks will flood your atomizer through its exhaust posts and cause it wear out or become difficult to draw on. This takes us to the next type of component, the Cartomizer.


Cartomizer-Tank---Vapor-Awarenress_webCartomizers are a combination of the atomizer and E-Liquid tank in a single component. The atomizer tank is surrounded by the E-Liquid reservoir. Most cartomziers have larger reservoirs than a cartridge and you do not have to fill them as often. They come in various capacities from 1.6ml to over 5ml.

• The atomizer is sealed in with the the tank and won’t leak
– Larger capacities mean less refilling
– Easier to refill

The cartomizer uses wicks to draw the E-Liquid into its integral atomizer tank. The wicks can be short or long; short wicks extend about half way down the tank, while the long wicks may reach the bottom.

Cartomizer/Battery Sleeve Adapters

Because the tanks on some cartomizers are larger in diameter than the battery, you may want to use a sleeve adapter on your battery. Sleeve adapters usually do no serve a functional purpose, but give the device a more aesthetic look because they provide a transition from the battery’s diameter to match the diameter of your cartomizer. With that being said, there are sleeve adapters that will work as a transition from your battery’s type of threading to that of our cartomizer when they are different. However, most cartomizers can be ordered with the correct threading already integrated into them.

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