Electronic Cigarettes Are Not a Public Health Hazard

High ranking government officials have busy lives, fielding one bill after another and must receive countless suggestions from citizens on a daily basis. They are not expected to be all-knowing in every field of law, engineering, or health and medicine that provides the backbone for our legal rights. What we should expect from them is a corruption-free fight for what’s best for the public interest. This includes conducting thorough research before drafting any bills that may or may not be designed to protect their citizens. Therefore, governments have no business claiming electronic cigarettes to be a public health hazard without any substantial evidence.

Banning smoking in public buildings and gathering places is completely justifiable, as cigarettes have been proven to be dangerous for both smokers and non-smokers alike. However, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, a relatively new smoking alternative, many people just don’t know what the health repercussions, if any, are to the user and general public.

We understand not everyone is as dedicated as we are to finding out everything there is to know about electronic cigarettes. Maybe an impartial assistant could be assigned to all the research for matters like this.

Many news pieces on the topic are given sensationalized titles to create controversy and attract more views and comments, thereby, increasing ad revenue. These can be easily misinterpreted by a casual reader just glossing over the article. In a worst-case scenario, maybe money and corruption are in play, causing some studies to be grossly misguided. Fortunately for vapers, there is substantial evidence showing electronic cigarettes to be far safer than the traditional tobacco variety.

Source: http://ecigarettereviewed.com/electronic-cigarettes-are-not-a-public-health-hazard

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