France Advised To Ban Vaping In Public

As it stands, those in France aren’t allowed to vape on public transport, enclosed workplaces, and areas with children. In other words, it’s totally acceptable to vape in a pub, club, café, or restaurant, as many people in France do.

However, France’s Health Authority said on Thursday that the practice should be banned in a bit to avoid “re-normalizing” the habit, suggesting that vaping can be a gateway practice for smoking cigarettes.

They said the ban should be put into place, “even if the risks of passive smoking are zero or extremely limited”. Vaping is popular in France, and is mostly used as a way of weaning a smoker off traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes. Their obvious health benefit as opposed to smoking is that they don’t contain tobacco and other carcinogens found in cigarettes. France has the largest e-cigarette market in Europe, with nearly a million vapors each day.

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