Nicotine Levels In Comparison To Cigarettes

When you first start vaping, you may want the highest nicotine that you can get, most people do. To choose the right nicotine choice for you, read up on how nicotine levels compare to the amount of cigarettes you smoke.

Smoking cigarettes is very different from vaping. When you vape, you should be vaping constantly or at least as much as you can or feel like you want to during the day. With cigarettes, you get the urge to smoke one because you feel like you “need it.” With vaping, you should be doing it periodically, so that you can keep the nicotine in your system and not feel that urge. So, let’s compare your cigarettes to the nicotine level that you should be at.

Let’s start off at 24mg nicotine… First of all, this is way too high for you to be starting out with, it is way too high in general for anyone to be vaping. If you vaped this high of nicotine periodically throughout the day, you can get sick. The equivalent of this nicotine level to cigarettes is about a whole pack and a half of Marlboro Reds a day.

18mg of nicotine is not bad to start out with and a lot of people do start out vaping 18mg nicotine, which is reasonable. Comparing 18mg of nicotine to cigarettes would be equivalent to about half a pack of Marlboro Reds. I say this because it is not as harsh as 24mg.

12mg is also great to start out with, especially if you do not vape that often. This is where you should start out when beginning. 12mg is equivalent to about one pack of medium flavor cigarettes.

(If you wonder why I am comparing these nicotine levels to Marlboro Reds is because it is a full flavor cigarette and is very popular.)

6mg nicotine is equivalent to one pack of Marlboro Lights. This is a good nicotine level to be at after you get a feel of what vaping is about and you want to go down in nicotine. It is always best to start moving down in nicotine levels with in a month to two month span if you are using it to quit completely and never smoke or vape anymore in a timely manner. If you want to move down slower, that is fine, too.

3 mg nicotine is equivalent to one pack of Ultra Light cigarettes. 3mg nicotine is about the lowest that you can go that most e-liquid manufacturers will provide. This is great to end off on or stick with because it is the lowest amount of nicotine, so eventually you want to move down to this level and ween off from here. Once you get to a lower level of nicotine, it will be much easier to quit all together rather than staying at 12mg or 6mg and then quitting completely. Weening off is better than going cold turkey, with most people. It will be easier to quit this way because you have been taking in lower levels of nicotine.

What is said above is based off of vapers that begin vaping on an ego pen, similar looking to a pen.

When using a sub ohm device with coils that range from .2 ohm to 1.2 ohm, you should vary your nicotine. Meaning that if you are using a 1.2 ohm coil, you would be fine using 12mg nicotine, if you choose. You will also be fine using 6mg nicotine with a 1.2 ohm coil. Keep in mind though that the lower the number of the coil you have the less mg of nicotine you should be using because the lower the number on the ohms the more power you will have with your device.

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