Pharmacist Says Vaping Is Good

For one local pharmacist and quit coach, if vaping can stop people from smoking it’s a good thing.

Bryan Gray, a pharmacist who’s also certified through the Ontario Pharmacists Association to prescribe quitting smoking agents, said he’s asked all the time by about vaping and e-cigarettes when they’re looking to stop smoking. It can help with the hand-to-mouth part of smoking and other behaviors beyond the nicotine addiction.

“If it helps then quit I think that’s a good thing,” he said.

Gray said there still hasn’t been a lot of studies on the health effects of vaping, but it’s most likely a lot safer than a cigarette for delivering nicotine.

“It’s all the other ingredients in a cigarette that cause cancer and lung disease and heart risks,” he said.

Other vapes have no nicotine at all, which can also help as a substitute for the rhythm and behaviors that go along with smoking.

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