UK’s Top Vaping Trickster Gets US Sponsorship

Terry Dickens is set to travel the world after netting £1,000 prize money and a string of sponsorship deals.

The 27-year-old emerged victorious amid stiff competition at the Vaper Expo UK at the NEC in Birmingham last weekend.

Mr Dickens, who works for Regimental Vape in Linthouse Lane, Wednesfield, said after his victory: “I was on cloud nine, it came a bit out of the blue. It’s only just started to sink in really.”

He added: “We were given 60 seconds to perform the best tricks we had. I took out three from the best smoke tricks team in the UK in the first round. It was probably my elbow box trick that gave me the edge. You do an O and then sweep it and it splits in two.”

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