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Vape – The electronic version of “to smoke.” Referred to as such because of the water vapor produced when the liquid is heated by the atomizer.

Vaping – To Vape. The act of using an electronic cigarette.

Vapor – The water vapor that is produced when the liquid is heated by the atomizer.

Vaper – A person who vapes. A smoker, smokes. A Vaper, vapes.

Vaporizer – A Vaporizer turns a liquid into a gas or a vapor. This is also another term used for Electronic Cigarette, E-Cig, PV, etc.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – Vegetable Glycerin is an alternative to Propylene Glycol and is sometimes used as the majority base in the E-Liquid. Vegetable Glycerin comes from the production of palm or coconut oils and is suitable to be used in sweeteners and in skin care products.

Vapor Production – Typically associated with Juices. Indicates how much vapor is produced using an average inhale of an e-cigarette.

Vapegasm – That experience you get when you put on a new atomizer or cartomizer. That first taste you get from your favorite E-Liquid. That point when you find your perfect juice, perfect voltage, and discover your sweet spot.

Variable Voltage (VV) – Variable Voltage let’s you control how many volts your device will produce. Usually with a variable voltage e-cig, you’ll be able to dial in the voltage by a click of a button or sequence.

Variable Wattage (VW) – Variable Wattage let’s you control how many watts your device will produce. This will allow you to set it and forget it, no matter what atomizer or cartomizer you use with the device.

Vape Safe (2 Cents/Fuse) – The Vape Safe Fuse is a tiny disc shaped fuse for use with e-cigarette modes/PV’s. The fuse is an added layer of safety in addition to a good quality battery. While using The Fust, if your battery were to send too many amps, The Fuse woudl simply do its job and prevent the electrical circuit from completing, and thus prevent your faulty battery or connection to cause further damage to the battery, mod and/or yourself.

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