Daphne, AL Revisits E-Cig Ordinance

Daphne, Alabama city council met to revisit their city ordinance on e-cigarettes and clarified that e-cigarettes are not the same as regular cigarettes, that they are in fact a completely different device.

In their original ordinance the city council decided that they were going to use the same restrictions with the e-cigarettes as regular tobacco cigarettes. They all joined to revisit the ordinance when in fact they had realized that most people were unaware of what the device actually was and came to a conclusion that they would consider to set the ordinance so that e-cigarettes would be prohibited in public facilities and in park seating areas, such as a ball park.

Owners of the local vapor shops joined in on the meeting to give their personal input on e-cigarettes. They are happy that the city has decided to consider a new ordinance. Although there is a big issue that still lingers, whether or not city workers can vape in city cars, like a police officer vaping while on patrol for long periods of time, but those issues will be discussed with other department heads.

The council will be voting on the ordinance on August 18th.

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