Woodland, CA Might Limit E-Cig Use In Public

At a City Council meeting in Woodland, an ordinance will be introduced that might ban electronic cigarettes at Woodland public facilities within 20 feet of commercial buildings.

“The prohibition on smoking at these facilities includes the facility and the public property on which it is located extending to the adjacent public sidewalk,” according to the ordinance. “All such areas and facilities shall be posted as nonsmoking.”

In addition to the ban the ordinance reads that E-cig use would banned at outdoor locations located within a distance of 20 feet from the entrances and exits, that includes sporting events, entertainment, speaking performances, ceremonies, and fairs.

The ordinance also updated the definition of smoking, in addition that the use of an E-cigarette that produces vapor in any form, or the use of any oral smoking device, will be banned from these areas.

Those who use E-cigarettes in prohibited places could be guilty of an infraction and face fines that increase with each violation, according to the ordinance. Woodland’s ordinance comes almost two months after recently passed restrictions that are similar on E-cigarettes while the County updated its policy to ban the devices in county-owned buildings in April. The University of California campus also prohibit the use of E-cigs.

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