The Numbers Are In...

The Numbers Are In…

We all know vaping has become extremely popular, but I thought it would be interesting if we took a detailed look into the vaping community. 

Lets first start with the average age of people who vape. I’m not too surprised with these numbers. Our of 200 vapers, over half of them are between the ages of 18-29. With the age group of 30-39 coming up second. Not only is this great that young adults making the wise choice to stop smoking and switch to vaping, but this should also be a huge wake up call to our governments that people in the prime years of smoking and drinking are making these choices. 


When it comes to gender I knew the numbers would lean towards male vapers, but I also thought that the female’s would be a lot higher than 12%. What are your thoughts?


The marital status of people who vape are pretty much even across the board.


Once again this proves just how much vaping has grown within the last 2 years.


How many cigarettes did you use to smoke daily? This proves that vaping has became more popular with people who were smokers of one to two packs a day. 


I truly feel like these numbers are a given and that’s just from my personal experience and the experience of those I’ve met. Once you start vaping and quit smoking you can’t even stand the smell let alone the thought of even tasting tobacco cigarettes again. To me they just smell like trash and I can’t believe I went so long having the constant odor of tobacco cigarettes on myself and my belongings.


How many years has it been since you smoked your last cigarette?


Do you vape using tanks more often than the other methods?


When it comes to flavors of e-liquid, we aren’t surprised that the sweeter flavors are more popular. 


What is your preferred e-liquid blend?


The preferred amount of nicotine within a majority of the e-liquids purchased is 6. This is expected. For me it’s the perfect spot. I started with 18 nic, then 12 and slowly worked my way down to 6 nic. I feel this is the way that works the best, especially when you turn out to vape properly and adapt to the routine of using your e-cigarette device.




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